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[Industry Trends] LOTTE introduces CoEvolution smart warehouse system... 30% increase in efficiency

LOTTE introduces CoEvolution smart warehouse system... 30% increase in efficiency

기존 시스템과 코에볼루션의 솔루션 비교 (출처: 코에볼루션)

CoEvolution announced that the CO-PICK smart warehouse system hugely increased warehouse efficiency for LOTTE Group, a Korea’s representative retail company.

According to CoEvolution, CO-PICK system uses orchestration software to provide highly efficient picking, order fulfillment, and integrated logistics support to 417 LOTTE Super stores.

The retail industry’s wide range of SKUs and high requirements for picking efficiency and accuracy are putting significant pressure on warehouse operations. LOTTE reported that it needed a new warehouse automation system in order to ease the pressure caused by South Korea’s rapid increase in the minimum wage.

Robots have been found to provide an opportunity to increase productivity and efficiency. In order to ensure that the warehouse system operates smoothly and at an optimal throughput level, LOTTE Global Logistics decided to review a multi-fleet robot solution that can perform various tasks required.

After a consideration of various options from different solution providers, LOTTE Global Logistics decided to adopt CoEvolution’s CO-PICK solution to accelerate the warehouse logistics operations.

In order to provide highly efficient delivery of goods in 417 stores, CoEvolution designed a customized multi-vendor robot fleet orchestration solution based on LOTTE’s preferences. In the retail warehouse project, CoEvolution used a variety of robot combinations to identify different solutions and then tested them with SIMULATOR products to see if the best choice was made.

CoEvolution's smart logistics control system was docked with the LOTTE Warehouse Control System (WCS) to create a customized automated warehouse solution that provides full control and visibility into the new operations of the LOTTE warehouse.

The solution included a combination of high-tote robots used for efficient picking and latent autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) docked to existing systems, as well as equipment such as conveyors and robotic arms for seamless and efficient pallet transferring and order picking.

CoEvolution's CO-PICK smart warehouse solution uses different types of robots to work together to provide high throughput and high storage density, significantly reducing customers' labor and storage costs in various types of warehouses.

According to CoEvolution, as a direct result of the connectivity of the new automated warehouse solution and the acceleration of order fulfillment, the overall efficiency of LOTTE’s facilities has improved, resulting in an additional 30% increase in SKU throughput and a 200% increase in storage capacity.

In addition, it is said that it has reduced labor force by 20% in the transfer of heavy pallets, which were previously all done manually.

CoEvolution’s multi-fleet orchestration warehouse software is easy to deploy and dock with LOTTE's systems and existing automation equipment, making it easy to maintain and use. There is no complex configuration required for the setup, and little or even no training is required from the operator before the start of use.

The CoEvolution solution provides highly efficient and accurate performance in LOTTE warehouses along with improved space usage and secure data transmission. With all the simplicity and ease of use of a fully integrated system, it connected and automated the entire process of order issuance to implementation.

With CoEvolution's CO-PICK solution, LOTTE Global Logistics broke down the boundaries of the original independent "automation island", scheduled the robots to connect the entire transfer process, and turned the warehouse into an open map.

An official from LOTTE Global Logistics' Logistics Technology Institute said, "In this automation journey, the new smart warehouse solution has increased our productivity and throughput, made optimal use of warehouse space, and is working smoothly with operators."

LOTTE introduces CoEvolution smart warehouse system... 30% increase in efficiency-HelloT (hellot.net) 

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