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[Industry Trends] AiV launches ‘AiVOps’ for large-capacity video data analysis

AiV launches ‘AiVOps’ for large-capacity video data analysis



Development of MLOps that allows even non-experts to create and deploy AI models with a single mouse click.

AiV launches the world’s first industrial video data specialized MLOps platform ‘AiVOps’ in the second half of this year.

MLOps is a term that combines machine learning and operations, and is an AI platform that applied collaborative system of development and operation in a machine learning system.

MLOps aims to break down the boundaries between development and operations to strengthen collaboration between both parties and provide fast and stable service by continuously integrating and distributing new software.

AiVOps is a device that focuses on MLOps exclusively for large-capacity video data. It is designed so that even non-experts who are not familiar with the field can create artificial intelligence models and deploy them in the field with a single mouse click.

Data storage, labeling, and inference can be run on servers in the field or office to enhance security, and the service is deployed on a cloud basis to maximize usability. In addition, in order to advance the labeling function, which has a significant impact on AI model performance, it is also equipped with a function that allows multiple workers to access the web simultaneously and monitor each other's work progress.

Through AiVOps, AI models for inspection and logistics automation can be freely created and distributed, and continuous monitoring of the performance of AI models operated in the field is expected to be possible. It is expected to be of great help to personnel in a wide range of development fields, such as vision SW engineers at inspection equipment companies and quality and production technology managers at large and mid-sized companies that focus on existing rule-based algorithms.

Kim Ki-wan, leader in charge of AiVOps development, said, “We expect to create real value in the manufacturing and logistics industry by expanding the application of AI in industrial sites through AiVOps.”


AiV launches ‘AiVOps’ for large-capacity video data analysis (hellot.net)

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