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Evolution into a data-based organization

DB-based work automation solution ‘ESR’

EZoffice is a company specializing in practice-oriented DB-based business automation solutions.

Although most companies agree that there is a need to evolve into a data-based organization, it is also true that they have a lot of burden about actually introducing work automation.

Although there are certainly many simple and repetitive tasks, the reality is that the process of overcoming the fear of accepting new changes and investing money and time is not easy.

First of all, ESR is easy.

There is no need to be afraid of big changes. Excel is the most used and familiar work environment at work.

ESR is an abbreviation for Excel + SQL + RPA, and completes task automation by combining RPA's auto-execution function with an Excel-based solution that allows easy access to the database.

By accessing the DB in Excel, you can easily view, edit, and enter the data you want.

In Excel, you can process the data in the DB into the desired data format and send a notification to JANDI or Telegram, or even a text message or email.

By using RPA here, you can automatically perform the functions you want at a set time and only check the results.

ESR is low cost and easy to deploy. In fact, there is no company that does not use Excel, so it can be installed easily and quickly when building an environment.

In addition, various options of subscription services are provided, so the initial cost is low, so there is no burden to adopt.

ESR is also flexible.

ESR boasts excellent scalability because it is a DB-based, Google Cloud environment-based solution.

It is easy to operate in conjunction with various business software such as JANDI, Trello, and Telegram. You can conveniently use the services you previously used by integrating them.

Companies are aware of the need for business automation, but often cannot get started because they do not know how to start.

I think there are many people who are hesitating to introduce it because they are wondering, ‘Can the work we are doing really be automated?’

We are not just blindly introducing new programs.

EZoffice first analyzes the current work situation and provides consulting on which tasks can be automated.

It begins with informing people of the beginnings and possibilities of work automation.

Automation is possible for any company.

We will make it happen.

Since it is clear that evolving through digital transformation is the direction in which companies should move forward, we confidently say that it will be a wise decision to start with EZoffice.

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You can find more information by visiting the website (ez-office.co.kr) and blog (https://blog.naver.com/ezoffice365) operated by EZoffice Co., Ltd.

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