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[Professional Insight] Siemens Digital Industries Korea - Accelerating digital transformation through OT and IT convergence

TaeHo Kim

Head of Digital Enterprise

Siemens Korea

Accelerating digital transformation through OT and IT convergence

Discussions about digital innovation and industrial intelligence in the manufacturing field continue to this day and will continue even in the future. Accordingly, Siemens, a technology leader that plays a key role in the digital transformation field, is the only company that provides a variety of solutions that combine operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

This convergence helps companies improve productivity and energy efficiency. For example, IT is used to optimize production processes by collecting and analyzing data through design and simulation. This helps improve processes and increase plant efficiency.

In particular, energy efficiency is one of the current concerns of many companies along with the net-zero goal. Siemens is conducting virtual test drives with domestic customers and exploring ways to increase energy efficiency. From energy data analysis to identifying energy consumption patterns using AI, it will greatly contribute to the sustainable management of companies.

In addition, Siemens' digital business platform, Siemens Xcelerator, which was introduced last year, provides various benefits to companies. This platform allows accurate data analysis of the process, and it can handle a variety of scales from unit facilities to large-scale processes, which helps companies increase efficiency by subdividing or expanding the production process.

At Smart Production Solution (SPS) held in Nuremberg, Germany this November, Siemens went beyond the automation of simple tasks and introduced 'adaptive production' in which production can be automatically adjusted to the environment even in rapid changes and unpredictable situations. This means the plant’s ability to respond flexibly even in highly volatile global markets.

New strategies are needed to adapt production to increasingly complex market volatility, skilled talent shortages and new sustainability requirements. To achieve this, we need to build a more flexible production environment centered on smart manufacturing and advanced mechanical engineering. The convergence of automation and IT technologies will accelerate the transition from automated production to adaptive production.

In conclusion, the integration of IT and OT plays a critical role in securing innovation and competitiveness in manufacturing and preparing for the future by increasing the adaptability, autonomy, and sustainability of industrial operations. Domestic companies will be able to achieve better productivity and energy efficiency by utilizing Siemens' know-how and solutions.

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