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Exhibitor Manual

* This is the manual for AW 2024. Please just check it for a reference. AW 2025 manual will be updated later before the show.

Participation Procedures

  • Submit Application Deadline: December 31st, 2024
  • Send Down Payment 50% of the total booth cost
    within 7 days of
    application submission
  • Remaining 50%
    of the total booth fee
    Deadline: January 31st, 2025
    Additional utility fee Deadline: February 14th, 2025
  • AW 2025 March 12th~14th, 2025

Booth Fee

(VAT Excluded)

Due: Jan 31st, 2025
Booth Type Booth Price
Space Only USD 3,400
Shell Scheme USD 3,800
Premium USD 4,100
[Lobby] Space-Only (3m x 2m) USD 2,300
[Lobby] Premium (3m x 2m) USD 2,600

※ 1Booth: 3m×3m=9m2 / Minimum units for a space only booth: 2 or more booths / Maximum booth height: 5m
※ Booth allocation will be conducted based on booth size, date of application, order of down payment date, consecutive participation etc. through the discussion between the organizer and the exhibitor.
※ Booth design might be changed due to the organizer’s circumstances.
※ Floor plan is subject to change due to the organizer's circumstances and other companies' booth locations might be changed at any time due to their circumstances.

Special Discounts

Re-participation Discount : Exhibitors who have participated from 2022 to 2024 are eligible for 5% discounts

Breach of Contract

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
Until December 31st, 2024 50% of participation fee
From January 1st, 2025 100% of participation fee

In the event of the exhibitor deciding to cancel or renounce the participation after submitting the application form, the following penalty must be paid to the organizer within 15 days of the change. If the exhibitor has already fully paid the participation fee, the penalty will be deducted from the total amount.

*Please check the 11th and 12th clause of “Participation Regulations & Contract Condition”